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At Rheology Central, our rheology testing expertise is in characterizations of both Newtonian and non-Newtonian viscosity fluids and soft solids as a function of shear rate, strain, temperature, frequency, and time. Example of shear thinning viscosity profiles for several commercial USA skin care creams and lotions is shown below.

Viscosity testing of skin care products
Competitive product studies

Our industrial experience is in emulsions, dispersions, gels, and other complex formulations and viscosity and rheology testing includes both raw materials and commercial products. Frequently our objective is to study how rheology impacts properties/product performance characteristics.

gel system
Viscoelastic Gel System
hair gel rheology
Hair Gel

Gel Rheology

Frequency Sweep

Whether you need rheology testing or viscosity data for fluid transport and processing of fluid systems, process scale-up, basic research, studies of consumer perceived product attributes to guide product development for next generation products, we are here to help.

Our rheology and viscosity testing services include:

strain sweeps
Strain Sweep – linear viscoelastity

For more information on our services, please visit:

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