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Welcome to Rheology Central of Fluid Dynamics.  We are a rheology testing and research laboratory celebrating our 25th anniversary.

Measurements of low viscosity Newtonian edible oils.

The chart below compares the steady steady viscosity at low shear rate of eight OTC topical lotions, creams and ointments.

Viscosity measurements at low shear rates.

If you need rheology or viscosity testing of your raw materials or products, we have the tools and laboratory resources to give you dependable and reliable results.   Viscosity measurements can be cumbersome and tedious if your fluid of soft solid is non-Newtonian, thixotropic or otherwise time dependent.  For a quick overview of characterizing these types of fluids, please refer to our document links below:

Viscosity Measurements 101 or Viscosity Measurements 102

The chart below is an example of a frequency sweep for a water soluble polymer rheology modifier at 10 radians/s and room temperature.

Frequency Sweep
Frequency sweep of polymer solution.

For more testing examples, please visit us at the following link:

Rheology Testing Examples

Frequency Sweeps  and Strain Sweeps

We can help you select test conditions and test methods best suited for your particular needs. 

Pix 13As an experienced testing and research laboratory, our extensive practical experience includes various topical ointments, lotions and creams, foods, and other materials that range from low viscosity fluids to soft solids. Pix-8

Foods are very difficult and interesting materials for testing.  Each class of foods represents a set of experimental challenges, as shown below with the dessert crepe.  The filling has a specific set of requirements for consumer acceptability as do the toppings.

Rheology testing of crepes with
various toppings and fillings
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